The taste of Lebanon to eat in or take away

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The taste of Lebanon to eat in or take away

La Pause Libanaise

Do you want the sun to shine on your meals?

How about taking your taste buds on a trip to the shores of the Mediterranean?
Let yourself be seduced by the flavours of Lebanon and enjoy a pleasant moment in the sunshine of our kitchen.

Dessert libanais

Lebanese cuisine is a Levantine blend of multiple culinary influences from the different shores of the Mediterranean and the many communities that make up Lebanon’s history. Its delicate palette of spices, sun-drenched vegetables, grilled meats and sweets have seduced palates the world over.

Every day, we cook these fragrant flavours from the heart, to offer you a moment of sharing and culinary escape.

« Spring flowers are winter dreams told in the morning at the angels’ table »

Khalil Jibran, LEBANESE POET


Our sunny home cooking, flavoured with spices straight from Lebanon, will delight your taste buds. Discover or rediscover all the specialities of Lebanon.



As you savour our mezzés, you might imagine that the word comes from the ancient Persian ‘mazzé’, meaning flavour. From Greece to Iran, by way of Turkey and Lebanon, it’s a word that travels throughout the Mediterranean to refer to small gourmet dishes that are different in each country. Enjoy sharing a variety of our mezzés, guaranteed to be convivial and tasty!

Golden and delicious


our meat or cheese fritters will delight even the most demanding gourmets

and colourful


Want to try a range of flavours but don’t know what to choose? We’ve put together some tasty dishes for you!

Pretty, how pretty are

our salads

You’d rather keep it light and let the scents of Lebanon wash over you? Discover our salads

Sunwiches, our sandwiches

which let the sun shine in them !

Taouk, charwama, falafel, kafta… Our sandwiches are what you need for a quick and exotic break.